[Poppler-bugs] [Bug 11865] New: evince-thumbnailer crashed with SIGSEGV in strcmp()

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Mon Aug 6 06:53:29 PDT 2007


           Summary: evince-thumbnailer crashed with SIGSEGV in strcmp()
           Product: poppler
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Other
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: cairo backend
        AssignedTo: poppler-bugs at lists.freedesktop.org
        ReportedBy: seb128 at debian.org

The bug has been opened on

"Binary package hint: evince

This is on gutsy gibbon 7.10 tribe 3 + updates. I wanted to see a .pdf file
which came up in the tracker results (tracker= desktop search) and it crashed.

#0  0xb736d02a in Uà   Ðu3‹u)ωøÁø‰FP‹F
‰~L‰F‰F1À‹]ô‹uø‹}ü‰ì]Ͷ () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6
#1  0xb6d9541c in Dict::lookup (this=0x80e3138, key=0xb6e4a16a "FT",
obj=0xbf912420) at Dict.cc:61
No locals.
#2  0xb6d97f93 in Form::createFieldFromDict (this=0x80e2d98, obj=0xbf912488,
ptr=0x80e2db0, xrefA=0x80e2b40, pref=@0xbf912494) at Object.h:259
        obj2 = {type = objNone, {booln = -1208166800, intg = -1208166800, real
= -0.016740928868975435, string = 0xb7fcd670, name = 0xb7fcd670
    array = 0xb7fcd670, dict = 0xb7fcd670, stream = 0xb7fcd670, ref = {num =
-1208166800, gen = -1081006968}, cmd = 0xb7fcd670 "ZY\207\004$Â\b"}}
#3  0xb6d9823e in Form (this=0x80e2d98, xrefA=0x80e2b40, acroForm=0x80e2c24) at
No locals.
#4  0xb6d8dd7d in Catalog (this=0x80e2bb0, xrefA=0x80e2b40) at Catalog.cc:59
No locals.
#5  0xb6dea8dc in PDFDoc::setup (this=0x80e2830, ownerPassword=0x0,
userPassword=0x0) at PDFDoc.cc:205
No locals.
#6  0xb6deab65 in PDFDoc (this=0x80e2830, fileNameA=0x80e27b0,
ownerPassword=0x0, userPassword=0x0, guiDataA=0x0) at PDFDoc.cc:102
No locals.
#7  0xb790ead2 in poppler_document_new_from_file (uri=0x809bae8
"file:///home/shirish/veena/AATPA6003A_ITR-V.pdf", password=0x0,
error=0xbf91265c) at poppler-document.cc:143
        newDoc = (PDFDoc *) 0x80e2830
        filename_g = (GooString *) 0x80e27b0
        password_g = (GooString *) 0x0
        filename = <value optimized out>
#8  0x080559b9 in pdf_document_load (document=0x80ce000, uri=0x809bae8
"file:///home/shirish/veena/AATPA6003A_ITR-V.pdf", error=0xbf912724)
    at /build/buildd/evince-0.9.3/./backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc:290
        poppler_error = (GError *) 0x0
#9  0x08051321 in ev_document_load (document=0x80ce000, uri=0x809bae8
"file:///home/shirish/veena/AATPA6003A_ITR-V.pdf", error=0xbf912724)
    at /build/buildd/evince-0.9.3/./libdocument/ev-document.c:122
        retval = -1226530490
#10 0x08051da5 in ev_document_factory_get_document (uri=0xb6e4a146 "",
error=0xbf912724) at
        document = (EvDocument *) 0x80ce000
        result = <value optimized out>
        compression = EV_COMPRESSION_NONE
        uri_unc = (gchar *) 0x0
#11 0x08050871 in main (argc=1409307718, argv=0x654e0078) at
        document = <value optimized out>
        input = <value optimized out>
        output = 0xbf913cf6 "/tmp/.thunar-vfs-thumbnail.I0RHWT"
        size = 128
        uri = 0x809bae8 "file:///home/shirish/veena/AATPA6003A_ITR-V.pdf""

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