[Poppler-bugs] [Bug 34120] patches to build with gcc-2.96 on Red Hat Linux 7.1

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Thu Feb 10 06:19:42 PST 2011


--- Comment #2 from William Bader <williambader at hotmail.com> 2011-02-10 06:19:42 PST ---
>I doubt we are interesting in adding extra cruft 

OK.  If you want, I can resubmit two of the changes that might be useful for
other systems and do not refer to gcc parts with just the patches for
TiffWriter.cc and the patches to XRef.cc (modified to use [] instead of at() in
all cases instead of checking the glibc version).

The RH7 system is one of my oldest build servers.  I still have some old
systems to support.  I compile C programs with gcc-4.4.5, but for C++, I need
to use the old RH7 gcc so that I don't have to rebuild and distribute all of
the libraries.  RH7 generates incorrect code for poppler (and for xpdf) unless
I compile with -O0.

If anyone needs to do a build on an old system, this is what I built, in the
order that I built it:
fontconfig-2.8 (configure with HASDOCBOOK=no, comment "DOCSRC = doc" in
Makefile, link with -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib/ to avoid picking up the older
freetype in /usr/lib)
poppler (compile with -O0, link with -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib/)

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