[poppler] Poppler-0.4.0 is out

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Mon Aug 15 22:53:38 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I've released poppler-0.4.0, which is the first release from the 0.4 
branch, which supports real text selection.  News in this release:

	- Real text selection.
         - API breakage in glib wrapper: dropping dest_x and dest_y
           arguments from poppler_page_render_to_pixbuf().
         - Updates to glib printing API from Martin Kretzschmar to
           support setting paper size and duplex from the application.
         - Much work on Qt4 bindings and Arthur output device.  Still
           work in progress, thouhg.

Poppler CVS now has a POPPLER_0_4_X branch, from which this release was 
made.  This is meant to be a stable branch to go with the GNOME 2.12 

Meanwhile, CVS head is where development is going and currently we have 
Alberts fontconfig patch there and we'll land Brads encryption patch as 
soon as I get around to reviewing it.  Pretty standard split, I guess.


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