[poppler] [patch] Add ability to extract embedded files.

Jonathan Blandford jrb at redhat.com
Mon Aug 29 11:01:01 EST 2005

Brad Hards <bradh at frogmouth.net> writes:

> G'day team,
> As a by-product of my flight to Akademy (yeah, thanks BA - I would like my 
> clothes, back )-:, I worked up this little patch. It provides the capability 
> to extract an "attached" or embedded file. I haven't seen this used a lot, 
> but it was an interesting exercise in understanding the API a bit more, and 
> the feature is a lot more usable in Acrobat 7, so users might start attaching 
> the source document to files.
> The change to the core poppler code is as shown below. The change is actually 
> pretty small - I did have to expand the API for the NameTree class a little. 
> I'm not sure I'm walking down the datastructures in a reliable way, because I 
> forgot to generate a test file with Acrobat before leaving home, and resorted 
> to creating one with pdftk. See the attached document to see the proposed Qt4 
> API / test application. I've also checked in that pdftk-created test example 
> (into test/unittestcases/, as WithAttachments.pdf)
> There is potentially other metadata that could be extracted. At this stage 
> there is a description that shows up in Acrobat Reader that I can't find in 
> the file. I guess that Acrobat 7 will put more that pdftk-1.12, based on the 
> column headers in Acrobat 7 Reader.
> This is a work in progress (especially the Qt4 bindings), but feedback would 
> be appreciated - including help with testing it against Acrobat-generated 
> files.

I haven't seen a doc using this yet, but it's pretty cool.  After we
finish getting GNOME 2.12 out and branch, I'll try to add support for


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