[poppler] poppler 0.5 release coming up soon

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Mon Dec 5 11:48:07 PST 2005

On Tuesday 06 December 2005 06:35 am, Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
> Did I miss anything?  Albert and Brad, did you guys finish the work on
> the Qt bindings you mentioned in irc?
The Qt bindings are OK. I am currently looking at a problem where our 
detection of a file being linearized may be broken. 

> I think we should just go with the "uneven means unstable" versioning
> convention, so once we're happy with 0.5, we release 0.6.0 and make a
> 0.6 branch.  So what's the plan for 0.5?  I'm open to suggestions, but
> here's a few ideas:
I'm  OK with that.

>   - Add a set of xpdf compatible command line tools that links against
> libpoppler.so so distributions wont have to ship xpdf to get the
> pdftops, pdftotext etc utilities.
I have pdffonts clone in qt4 already. Doing them without playing favourites 
with toolkits might be a pain....

>   - Improve gradient support to let backends fill gradients instead of
> breaking them down into solid color polygons.
>   - Selection by words and lines (double and triple click drags).
>   - Get Qt bindings to a point where kpdf can start using them.
Finishing off the arthur backend could be the work of a lifetime....
There are a few more document metadata things that could be useful for UI apps 
(eg opening to a specific page, turning off UI elements) that I'm going to 
look at.
Per document attachment support
AES encryption.

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