[poppler] poppler 0.5 release coming up soon

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Dec 5 12:03:54 PST 2005

A Dilluns 05 Desembre 2005 20:35, Kristian H=C3=B8gsberg va escriure:
> Hi,

> Everybody tells me that it's time for a new poppler release, so I've
> been looking through bugzilla to figure out where we are.  This is the
> pending work, features and bugs that I'd like to get resolved before
> doing a 0.5 release:
>   - Make installation of xpdf header files a ./configure option
>   - Land Jonathans docs for the glib bindings
>   - Nickolay is working on a fix for another selection crasher #4481
>   - I want to look into #3975, #5073, #5117, #5243, #4648, and #4515 and
> ideally fix all those before doing the 0.5 release.
>   - There seems to be an issue with PS output with CVS head, I haven't
> investigated much, but the generated PS doesn't work with ghostscript.
> Did I miss anything?
> Albert and Brad, did you guys finish the work on=20
> the Qt bindings you mentioned in irc?
Yes, seems finished on my side.

> The 0.5 release is going to be an experimental release.  The big change
> is the font matching code, where 0.5 switches to use fontconfig for
> matching all non-embedded fonts.  I expect this code to require some
> tweaking to work nicely, and we will have to come up with some
> fontconfig configuration recommendations for distributions.  Another big
> change in the 0.5 release is the merging of the xpdf 3.01 changes, which
> touched a lot of code and it will probably take some time before we
> shake out all the bugs from that work.
> I think we should just go with the "uneven means unstable" versioning
> convention, so once we're happy with 0.5, we release 0.6.0 and make a
> 0.6 branch.  So what's the plan for 0.5?  I'm open to suggestions, but
> here's a few ideas:
>   - Add a set of xpdf compatible command line tools that links against
> libpoppler.so so distributions wont have to ship xpdf to get the
> pdftops, pdftotext etc utilities.
>   - Improve gradient support to let backends fill gradients instead of
> breaking them down into solid color polygons.
>   - Selection by words and lines (double and triple click drags).

>   - Get Qt bindings to a point where kpdf can start using them.
Well, that is a bit problematic now :-D

KDE 3.5.0 just went out, KDE 4 is almost a year away (i'd say more).
Intoducing a dependency in KDE 3.5.x is out of discussion and about KDE 4 w=
have like a "battle" :-D

Wilfried Huss and Stefan Kebekus and working on making kviewshell support=20
multiple document formats (only supported dvi since a few "versions"), on t=
other side, me and Piotr Szymanski are working on oKular a kpdf successor=20
that wants to do the same :-D

IIRC kviewshell guys already have a poppler based solution working, on the=
oKular side, we are a bit off steam now but i think we could have one for K=
4.0 too.

BTW don't ask why we don't collaborate, we tried and it did not work out, s=
no problem.


> But at any time we may just have to wrap up what we have if kpdf or
> evince needs a stable release.
> cheers,
> Kristian
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