[poppler] poppler 0.5 release coming up soon

Stefan Kebekus stefan.kebekus at math.uni-koeln.de
Mon Dec 5 12:55:44 PST 2005

On Monday 05 December 2005 20:35, Kristian Høgsberg wrote:

> Everybody tells me that it's time for a new poppler release, so I've 
> been looking through bugzilla to figure out where we are.  This is the 
> pending work, features and bugs that I'd like to get resolved before 
> doing a 0.5 release:
>   - Make installation of xpdf header files a ./configure option
>   - Land Jonathans docs for the glib bindings
>   - Nickolay is working on a fix for another selection crasher #4481
>   - I want to look into #3975, #5073, #5117, #5243, #4648, and #4515 and 
> ideally fix all those before doing the 0.5 release.
>   - There seems to be an issue with PS output with CVS head, I haven't 
> investigated much, but the generated PS doesn't work with ghostscript.
> Did I miss anything?

I had difficulties compiling Poppler on the desktop in my office (where I am 
not superuser). It took me a looong time to find out that the reason was an 
outdated libtool. Maybe one could add a check for a recent libtool to the 
autogen script? -- Unfortunately I'm not great at shell scripting, so I feel 
I should rather not mess with this myself.


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