[poppler] What does "linearized" mean?

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Tue Dec 6 01:10:21 PST 2005

I've been looking at a test doc (I plan to commit it it into the top level 
test module when I can get over my "cvs commit: promotable lock failed.") 
problem that has a Linearized element at the start:
7 0 obj <</Linearized 1/L 12283/O 10/E 6809/N 1/T 12102/H [ 636 

Poppler returns true for isLinearized().
pdfinfo returns yes for "optimized"

Acrobat 7 says "Fast Web View: no"

I thought those things were equivalent. After reading Appendix F of the PDF 
spec a couple more times, it looks like there may be extra things we should 
check for, such as the L parameter. At least in this case, the real document 
length is 17282, so that comparison would fail.

Thoughts on this? Suggestions? Patches ? :-)

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