[poppler] Can pdfto*-commands depend on a specific backend?

Thorkild Stray thorkild at ifi.uio.no
Mon Dec 12 00:57:09 PST 2005

Well, it kinda has to, when I come to think of it. pdftotext depends on
the TextOuputDev, for example.

But is it ok to depend on, for example, a Cairo-backend? 

In Høgsberg's "poppler 0.5 release coming up soon" he mentioned: 

"- Add a set of xpdf compatible command line tools that links against 
libpoppler.so so distributions wont have to ship xpdf to get the 
pdftops, pdftotext etc utilities."

I've been playing with a pdftosvg plugin for use with inkscape (to make
it possible to import PDF), and was just wondering if this is something
that could be distributed with poppler, or if things like that should be
distributed separatly.

(implementing pdftosvg was quite simple when you've got Cairo's SVG
backend available)

Just wondering.


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