[poppler] poppler-0.3.3 is out

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Mon Jun 20 14:49:48 PDT 2005


A new poppler release is out: poppler-0.3.3.  This release has a number 
of cairo backend fixes that makes the cairo backend much more usable, 
but the fix that makes clipping work also reveals that cairo clipping is 
quite slow.  Other than that, a good number of bugs have been fixed and 
the glib binding has grown a few more features:

         - New glib API to get document font information (Marco).
         - More document properties available as glib properties (Emil
           Soleyman-Zomalan, #3359)
         - Optimize color conversion for images.
         - Support for constant opacity.
         - Fix problems with pkg-config files.
         - Bugs fixes: #3491, #2911, #3362, #3340, #3265, #3239, #3396.


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