[poppler] Getting metadata?

Albert Astals Cid tsdgeos at yahoo.es
Sat Mar 5 02:13:07 PST 2005

Hi Brad, have a look at 
in kdegraphics/kpdf/core/generator_pdf/generator_pdf.cpp

BUT i think this can be a quite common thing, so we could integrate it into 
PDFDoc in poppler?


A Dissabte 05 Març 2005 06:30, Brad Hards va escriure:
> I'm working on a conversion of the KDE PDF meta-data plugin to Poppler - it
> current exec()'s pdfinfo. I have it working for the more standard things,
> such as number of pages, whether it is encrypted, whether it is linearised,
> and which PDF version the document is.
> I'm having trouble figuring out some of the deeper stuff, like how to get
> the date/time for creation and modification, and what the fonts are. I saw
> readMetadata(), and gave that a try (calling GooString->getCString() on the
> result), but it segfaulted.
> So given a PDFDoc object, how do I extract and convert the metadata?
> Brad
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