[poppler] Annoying question: SVG output from Poppler?

Marcus Silva marcus.ps at gmail.com
Thu May 19 07:43:13 PDT 2005

   Due to the lack of open source tools to edit PDF/PS documents, it
would be awesome to be able to covert PDF/PS files to SVG for editing.

   PSTOEDIT and PDF2SVG are not very good options at the moments, andI
am not sure if they will ever be. PSTOEDIT does not treat fonts very
nicely (converts them to shapes, and cannot deal with any character
that has 'holes', like "o" and "e" and "a"), and the focus of the
developers of PDF2SVG is not the development of the tool itself (it is
a spin-off open source side project of a bigger commercial project).

  Because Poppler's main concern is to render PDF/PS properly it would
seem to me that it is more likely to be feature complete vs. these
other tools, and because of the new Cairo backend, I'd imagine it
should not be too crazy to imagine that SVG output would not be
awkward to generate. It has been suggested in the Cairo mailing list
that an SVG backend be written, and apparently a PDF backend is in the
works, but some have suggested that generation of SVG code would be
better suited for applications as opposed to a general backend (I am
not sure why).

  What do the Poppler developers think about this?


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