[poppler] Form support summer of code as of 23/07/2006 port to Qt4 backend

Piotr Szymański niedakh at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 08:21:42 PDT 2006

I am one of the okular/kpdf developers. I just ported the form support
done Julien in his SoC based on the patch from 23/07/06. We talked a
lot about it on irc but some explanation is needed:

Q: Why 23/07 and not a recent patch?
A: This is the last stable patch with read support, newest include not
yet finished write support for forms.

Q: Why adding two copyrights to the modified files?
A: I did not know what to do about the copyrights, Julien did not put
any in his code. I myself wrote one file from scratch and the others
are either based on Julien's code (looked at it and reimplemented it
using what the Qt4 backend provides). I copied one function over since
it was too obvious to write from looking and required only minor

Also we noted two things on irc:
1. need to check which encoding the content of the form field is in
2. form field bounding rect should be changed, since the one encoded
in PDF needs the cropbox information for proper display:

It should be done in poppler, no need for every app to implement that.

So guys, what do you think about this patch, can it be commited
somewhere in the repo (I do not have rw access) ?
Piotr Szymański
niedakh at gmail.com

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