[poppler] Form support summer of code as of 23/07/2006 port to Qt4 backend

Leonard Rosenthol leonardr at pdfsages.com
Thu Aug 10 17:36:40 PDT 2006

At 06:42 PM 8/10/2006, Julien Rebetez wrote:
>Speaking of that, the generateAppearance function was commented with a
>comment saying it wasn't complete, do someone have a summary of what is
>missing ?

This is not comprehensive, but here are a few things I see at first glance:

* Doesn't support walking up the parents of the field for /DA information
* Doesn't support field attributes
         border style (width, color, etc.)
         background color
         flags (password, comb, etc.)
* Doesn't support multiple line fields
* Only works for text fields - no support for buttons, combos, popups, etc.

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