[poppler] about patterns

Rafael Rodríguez rafael.rodriguez.tf at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 02:54:39 PDT 2006


for those who don't know, i'm the one with the SoK kpdf/okular project:


Since Albert was leaving for holidays today, I'm redirecting my questions 
here, so hopefully you can help me :)

I'm having a really hard time in understanding the not very much commented 
code handling tiling patterns in Gfx.cc. Is this code inherited from kpdf, or 
has it been touched by any of you?

At first I thought that the code about patterns was supposed to work and it 
only needed optimization, but I've discovered that it doesn't. I can attach a 
one page pdf file if you want (~126 kb) which isn't rendered fine.

So what's all the code inside Gfx dealing with patterns for? Or is it just 

Thanks in advance :)
Rafael Rodríguez


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