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Rafael Rodríguez rafael.rodriguez.tf at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 14:25:08 PDT 2006

May I get some pdf with patterns which are "normal" cases? Would like to treat 
those first one then :)


Rafael Rodríguez

El Lunes, 21 de Agosto de 2006 01:39, escribió:
> At 06:55 PM 8/20/2006, Krzysztof Kowalczyk wrote:
> >However, it takes ungodly amount of time to render (minutes on a 3.2
> >GhZ machine)
>          Rendered for me (finally!) as well - and incorrectly.
> >  and slightly differs from how FoxIt renders it (the
> >values in graph look like dithered grayscale while foxit renders it as
> >solid grey).
>          It also renders different than Acrobat - I've sent the file
> to Derek.  I assume that was OK.  If not, let me know and I'll tell
> Derek to kill it.
> >  There must be some terrible edge case in poppler -
> >rendering of a simple document like this should be instantenous.
>          It's quite an unusual edge case - and a VERY EVIL PDF.
>          The pattern consists of a VERY TINY inline image that has to
> be tiled across some interesting (irregular) paths.  And, as noted,
> since Xpdf/Poppler doesn't cache - it all gets processed and
> rerendered each time, leaving to quite a LOT of overhead.
> >It would be great if someone figured out and fixed those super-slow
> >cases (I'm not
> >much of a PDF expert).
>          We are working on a variety of performance improvements to
> the Xpdf/Splash rendering engine (at a client's behalf) and will
> submit our changes directly to Derek for inclusion in Xpdf which will
> then find their way back to Poppler (sorry for the roundabout route,
> but that's what we have to do because of the GPL).
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Rafael Rodríguez


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