[poppler] poppler with fixed point arithmetic

Frank Meerkoetter frank at meerkoetter.org
Fri Feb 3 07:35:28 PST 2006


is anyone using poppler with fixed point arithmetic (--enable-fixedpoint)?

I've played around with it but had mixed results:
  - using the 0.5.0 developement release it doesn't compile right away.
    Changing #define USE_FIXEDPOINT in config.h into #define USE_FIXEDPOINT 1
    and adding one or two casts fixed that.
  - Certain documents will crash poppler with a SIGFPE.
  - Is it actually faster on cpus without a FPU? I couldn't
    benchmark it because the QT-binding is way to slow ATM.
    (It's using two nested loops width getPixel/setPixel to copy the
    bitmap data. I tried to fix it but i couldn't figure out how to
    copy the raw data in one chunk).


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