[poppler] GPL & code commits (was Alternate Patch for CharCodeToUnicode.cc)

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sat Jan 21 15:45:39 PST 2006

A Dissabte 21 Gener 2006 23:56, Leonard Rosenthol va escriure:
> [apology in advance for GPL discussion]

No need to apologise, it is very needed that everyone understands under what 
terms our contributions are made.

> At 06:26 PM 1/20/2006, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> >Well, my code is mine, i am not going to let him relicense my code
> >to sell it.
>          But you can't prevent that by committing your code to a GPL
> application.
I can not prevent someone else relicensing my code? My code is mine and i 
decide under what license i release it, and the code i do for poppler is GPL. 
You can not use it in a non-GPL project.

>          As I understand the GPL, there is nothing that prevents the
> commercialization of GPL-based projects...

> HOWEVER, any vendor that 
> does so much make the GPL'd code available.   Two examples of this
> are Red Hat Linux and Ghostscript.  Also, in the second case, all
> commercial licenses of GS under GPL must provide the code on disk (or
> via link).
>          So using the first example, since Poppler is/will be
> shipping as part of Red Hat - are you suggesting that the Red Hat
> folks are not allowed to include your code with their distribution?
No, they can include poppler as they are not relicensing it.

>          And what is to prevent me from writing a Poppler-based
> application and selling it - provided that I put the sources on the
> disk and/or provide a link?  
Nothing, but remember you must not only provide the poppler sources but ALSO 
your application sources.

> That is perfectly legal, as I understand 
> the GPL.  Even though you don't want someone else to make $$, you
> can't prevent them.
Of course, but i will be able to access the resulting code, that can be seen 
as a profit i take back.

> >I'm not going  to let him do business at the cost of the sleep time
> >i loose working on
> >poppler.
>          But it's OK for you to "do business" with Poppler (and your
> derived application) based on all the sleep that Derek has put in to
> get you to this point?!?!?!

I do business? i wonder how, i've got 0 € for my work on poppler/kpdf, if i 
count the trip i did to KDE conference to present a poppler talk that number 
would even be negative, that is without counting the hours spent.

Now i'm going to explain you again the problem i have with Derek using my code 
as you obviously did not understand the "relicense" part.

Derek is selling you a license that allows you to do an aplication based on 
xpdf sources and do NOT publish the code of you application, right?

He can do that because he owns all the xpdf code, so he has chosed to have 
both a GPL version you can use if you want to code GPL programs (aka poppler, 
kpdf, gpdf, etc) and a commercial version you can use and do not release the 
code of your app as GPL version mandates.

It is that (relicensing) what he can not do if he incorporates my patches, 
because he can not RELICENSE my code under something else different than the 
GPL without my agreement, and he does not have it.

It is sad you are not able to understand that.

>          As Brad said - the more patches that get backed into the
> main Xpdf source base, the easier that makes merging for Poppler in
> the future.  It also means that Derek can spend him time on features
> that this group is not (eg. improved transparency support!) instead
> of reinventing the wheel.   And everybody wins - which seems like the
> best reason for OSS in the first place!
Yeah yeah, speak of OSS, don't tellme about how OSS works, tell Derek. He has 
NEVER accepted any kind of cooperation (that is basically why poppler 
exists), also i have lots of unanswered mails i sent him.

Remember GPL is not only OSS but also FREE software, so the applications the 
us poppler have to be GPL also.


BTW i apreciate your contributions a lot since it's obvious you know about PDF 
but you should learn more about licensing before telling me i'm acting wrong.

> Leonard
> who is a maintainer for a couple of OSS applications and participates
> on many others.
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