[poppler] GPL & code commits (was Alternate Patch for CharCodeToUnicode.cc)

Leonard Rosenthol leonardr at pdfsages.com
Sun Jan 22 11:32:09 PST 2006

At 03:45 PM 1/21/2006, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
>I can not prevent someone else relicensing my code? My code is mine and i
>decide under what license i release it, and the code i do for poppler is GPL.
>You can not use it in a non-GPL project.

         No argument.

> >          So using the first example, since Poppler is/will be
> > shipping as part of Red Hat - are you suggesting that the Red Hat
> > folks are not allowed to include your code with their distribution?
>No, they can include poppler as they are not relicensing it.

         But they are....

         You can purchase a commercial license 
for RH - which, I assume, would include Poppler...

> >          And what is to prevent me from writing a Poppler-based
> > application and selling it - provided that I put the sources on the
> > disk and/or provide a link?
>Nothing, but remember you must not only provide the poppler sources but ALSO
>your application sources.

         Depends on how I use Poppler (direct 
link vs. calling out) - but yes, it's a possibility.

>I do business? i wonder how, i've got 0 € for my work on poppler/kpdf, if i
>count the trip i did to KDE conference to present a poppler talk that number
>would even be negative, that is without counting the hours spent.

         But there is more to business than just $$...

         Do you not get professional recognition 
for your work on poppler/kpdf?  Do you not have a 
"standing" in the KDE community because of your 
work? Is it not something you would put on a resume when applying for a job?

>Yeah yeah, speak of OSS, don't tellme about how OSS works, tell Derek. He has
>NEVER accepted any kind of cooperation (that is basically why poppler
>exists), also i have lots of unanswered mails i sent him.


         I've been working with Derek and Xpdf 
for almost 10 years now, even before I paid for a 
commercial license.  I've committed patches, new 
features, etc.   BUT perhaps that is the 
difference - I am willing to be a partner with 
him by working with him and his business as opposed to trying to fight it.

         I program to benefit users...I was 
releasing freeware and source code before the 
"open source movement" existed.  If I write 
something and make it available - then someone 
else doesn't have to waste time duplicating my 
effort and instead can do something cool(er)!  I 
don't care whether they use it to make $$ or 
not.   But that's me...and perhaps that's why I 
am able to participate in both "sides".


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