C-only poppler API (Re: [poppler] poppler CUPS integration)

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sat Oct 28 13:40:27 PDT 2006

A Divendres 27 Octubre 2006 23:52, vàreu escriure:
> 2006/10/27, Albert Astals Cid <aacid at kde.org>:
> > A Divendres 27 Octubre 2006 21:35, Martin Schröder va escriure:
> > > The high-level answer: pdfTeX uses xpdf to include pages from pdfs
> > > into the pdfs it produces, so we need everything to be able to parse,
> > > copy and manipulate the document, it's pages and their objects.
> >
> > I assume you have code that uses the above mentioned classes to do this,
> > right? because AFAIK xpdf code can not do what you want (merging pdf,
> > etc), so what about importing your code to poppler and giving it a stable
> > api so other people can use it too?
> Yes, we have the code (it's mainly in pdftoepdf.cc, and the font
> handling is elsewhere). You are free to extract that code, but  that
> is not our main concern.
> To be frank: The code we currently have works well enough so  our
> desire for new code is quite low (unless pdf changes drastically like
> it did with the stream objects in 1.5). The main push for change are
> the security problems of xpdf.

Ok, so i guess you are saying you are not going to dig the code and create the 
library yourselves, right?

I would say we (poppler devels) don't have enough the time for that either, so 
i think we should try to find a "new developer", and you would guide him 
through the pdfTex internals and I will answer the questions he has on 
poppler. Agree?

That way we all win (in case we can find the person :-D)

> > > We are not concerned about rendering.
> >
> > Well, i am, so you'll care about non rendering and i about rendering, ok?
> > ;-)
> Ok. But please make sure that we can have a version that doesn't e.g.
> depend on X11 or gtk.

poppler does not depend on X11 nor gtk.


> > > We also need the code to not only run on Linux, but Unix and Windows as
> > > well.
> >
> > This is poppler desire too.
> Good. Our xpdf code already does that. :-)
> Best
>    Martin

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