[poppler] [Poppler] Bug in your text matching routine

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Thu Aug 30 10:45:13 PDT 2007

A Dijous 30 Agost 2007, James Cloos va escriure:
> >>>>> "Ed" == Ed Catmur <ed at catmur.co.uk> writes:
> Ed> Question: where do we want to draw the match box when a
> Ed> search /partially/ matches a compatibility decomposition?
> Ed> 1. at the end of the compatibility character
> Ed> 2. exactly halfway through the compatibility character
> Ed> 3. as far through as the match constitutes of the compatibility
> Ed> decomposition (e.g. 2/3 through when matching 'ff' of FFI LIGATURE)
> Ed> 3. seems the most elegant, but could be a little complex to implement
> Ed> and may not always be the right solution (RTL, zero-width characters,
> etc.)
> I'd vote for getting 1 in for now and only then spending any time on
> implementing 3.  It may even be the better option overall.
> As you say, 3 will be quite complex when dealing with the scripts which
> require shaping engines or syllable-per-glyph scripts like Hangeul, if
> you allow searching for syllable components.
> With some of the scripts you would even need disjoint match boxes.
> Even in cases where the syllable block isn't a single glyph it might be
> better to highlight the whole thing rather than just the matched pieces.

I'm with James here, go for 1 and then for 3 if you feel powerful :D


> -JimC

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