[poppler] Planning poppler 0.7

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Dec 10 14:42:30 PST 2007

Ok, i know this may come as a surprise to you since we actually only released 
0.6 three months ago, but there are already significant changes on head and 
we have on the pipeline:

 * Iñigo annotations patches
 * Julien saving patches
 * Brad optional contents patches

That seem to be advancing at a good pace.

So this is my tentative plan for releasing poppler 0.7:

 * poppler 0.6.9 (0.7 RC1) - 18th February 2008 
 * poppler 0.7             - 3rd March 2008

And yes this is basically guessing about if all or none of the patches will be 
finished or not. But that will make 0.7 six months after 0.6 and i think it's 
good to have shorter release times (0.5 -> 0.6 took around 20 months) even if 
the changes are not that big.

So everyone that wants to get their features in for 0.7 remember the 18th 
February date :-)


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