[poppler] [PATCH] Interactive forms

Julien Rebetez julien at fhtagn.net
Wed Feb 21 14:21:20 PST 2007

Attached to this mail, you'll find a patch which adds (basic, doesn't
support Signature fields for example) interactive forms (section 8.6 of
the PDF reference) support to poppler.

It basically adds two new file, poppler/Form.h|.cc, which provides some
new classes :
- FormWidget and its children, represents the visible part of a form
field. Client application (through wrapper) should only use FormWidget
and never user FormField directly. This way, the form's logic is handled
by poppler and the client app shouldn't bother about it.
- FormField and its children for the logical part of a field

Some changes have been made to the XRef to support object modification,
this has already been discussed on this list and the code hasn't changed
a lot since :
The file writing part (modifications to PDFDoc) isn't included in this
patch though, because I think it still needs some love.

I added some functions to glib wrapper that expose the form
functionnalities and I used them to add form support in Evince, if you
want to give it a try, see this page :
I know that Pino Toscano (pinotree) has started to work on the qt4
wrapper to expose this patch.

Questions/comments are of course welcome :-)

Julien Rebetez

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