[poppler] Re: Poppler rendering pdfs grey

Harald S. Hanssen haraldsh at stud.cs.uit.no
Wed Jan 31 07:32:19 PST 2007

A bit too quick to send off the email..

However, what I forgot to mention was that I'm using cairo to render the 
Is this a bug, or is there a setting that I've forgot to do?


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To: poppler at lists.freedesktop.org
Date: 31-Jan-2007 13:47
Subject: Poppler rendering pdfs grey
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For some reason, most of the pdfs I render using poppler, comes with a  
gray background, except for one. The pdfs should have a white background.

The closest report on this was this bug report 

However, it was regarding the color gray, and not about why poppler 
renders the pdfs with grey background.

Any ideas?


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