[poppler] git question: pushing branches

Krzysztof Kowalczyk kkowalczyk at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 22:40:15 PDT 2007

So I created a local branch with git branch kjk, made some changes,
commited those changes locally and then did:
git push ssh://kjk@git.freedesktop.org/git/poppler/poppler kjk
Which seemed to do something, but I'm not exactly sure what.

When I did git pull on another repository, this new branch seems to
have been added:
$ git pull
Unpacking 14 objects...
 100% (14/14) done
* refs/remotes/origin/kjk: storing branch 'kjk' of
  commit: c06f4c4
Already up-to-date.

but I can't see it (with git branch) or switch to it.

Also, when I do git pull in the local branch that I hope I pushed, I get:
kkowalczyk at kjkubu:~/src/poppler-auth$ git branch
* kjk
kkowalczyk at kjkubu:~/src/poppler-auth$ git pull
Warning: No merge candidate found because value of config option
         "branch.kjk.merge" does not match any remote branch fetched.
No changes.

Any idea what's the right way of:
* pushing locally created branch to main repo
* cloning/pulling from that repo in new repo

Also, I noticed that in one local repo I can see (with git branch)
other branches (like xpdf302 etc.) from the server but not in other
local repo, although I'm pretty sure in both cases I did the same git
clone (not 100% sure, though). Any idea what causes branches to be
seen or not when cloning poppler repo?


-- kjk

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