[poppler] Poppler installation

FamilleCleon gwenael.cleon at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 14:39:08 PDT 2008


I am working on Debian etch.
I need the poppler-qt4 wrapper, so I downloaded the last version of 
Poppler (0.8.0)  and tryied to compile it.
The problem is that Qt4 has been compiled by me manually and not through 
packages, and is installed in /opt/qt4.3.3.
So how to "explain" this to ./configure (when I launch ./configure 
without any options, it doesn't find qt4 librairies) ?
The "mystery" is that with an old version of poppler (0.5.4), 
./configure works (find qt4), and from the next version (0.5.9) to the 
last one, it doesn't work.
If someone could help me, it would be very kind.

Gwenaël Cléon

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