Adam Batkin adam at batkin.net
Sun Apr 6 13:56:11 PDT 2008

Okay, here's a first stab at a patch to make the POPPLER_DATADIR 
slightly more configurable.

By default, it will act exactly the same (configure's datarootdir).

I've modified the GlobalParams constructor to take an optional (defaults 
to POPPLER_DATADIR) char* which it will pass along to 
scanEncodingDirs(). To support this, I added an additional constructor 
to GDir which takes a second char*, concatenating the two together with 
the appropriate slash if necessary.

I then modified the qt4 backend (since that is what I'm most familiar 
with) to actually use the new parameter:
- If the application does nothing differently, then the location can be 
overridden with an environment variable POPPLER_DATADIR
- Otherwise, the application can call Poppler::configurePoppler() and 
pass a char* pointing to a directory that it would like to be used as 
the data directory (which can also be overridden by the environment 
   * This method also bypasses the static DocumentData::count reference 
counting for the GlobalParams object, making the library slightly more 
   * This is also a slight performance enhancement as the GlobalParams 
object won't get destroyed and recreated if you create and destroy 
documents one-at-a-time
   * And if you want to manually cleanup the GlobalParams, just call 

I'm sure it's not perfect, but I thought I'd get some comments, make 
sure I was heading down a reasonable path, etc...

-Adam Batkin
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