[poppler] Licensing of patches

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Aug 24 11:32:54 PDT 2008

From now on, i'd like all patches contributed to poppler to be under the GPLv2 
or later license.

I've sent a mail to all contributors asking for relicensing of their code (i 
was on the safe side and assumed the code was GPLv2 only) and most of them 
have replied already.

I'm having problems contacting Ed Catmur so if anyone knows how to contact him 
not using the ed at catmur.co.uk please mail me.

What i don't know how to solve is patches for new contributors and bugzilla 
patches. I'd like a way of not having to ask any new contributor to state he 
licenses the patch under GPLv2 or later, so i was thinking on a file called 
README.contributors in the root directory telling something along the lines 
of "Patches need to be GPLv2+, if you don't state otherwise we will assume 
that", do you think that's ok?

Next step would be contacting Derek and asking what he thinks about 
relicensing the xpdf code to GPLv2+

As always comments welcome.


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