[poppler] Printing with poppler on Windows

Peter Åstrand astrand at cendio.se
Thu Feb 7 05:26:43 PST 2008

>> >Both the Glib and Qt backends can render directly to GDI.
>> Hi and thanks for your help. Do you really mean Glib here? I thought Glib
>> was pretty low level and didn't deal with graphics at all?
>Glib is low-level and doesn't concern itself with drawing. However,
>poppler's backend that can render to Cairo or a GdkPixbuf is called
>the "glib" backend.

So using Cairo with poppler requires using the "glib" backend? In that 
case, a configuration like:

>Building poppler with support for:
>  cairo output:       yes
>  glib wrapper:       no

...is bad, for the Windows case?

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