[poppler] Form Field Rendering Bugs

Michael Vrable mvrable at cs.ucsd.edu
Thu Jan 31 21:32:40 PST 2008

I've been very excited to find that poppler has gained support for 
filling in forms; this is excellent work as forms were one of the few 
things that forced me to occasionally use the Adobe Reader.

While testing forms support out, though, I noticed that sometimes text 
wasn't being placed properly, and found that this was already reported 
as bug #12808 (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12808).  
I've figured out the cause, and added some comments to the bug report.  

I'm currently working on a cleaner patch for the problem (which involves 
decoding UTF-16 strings earlier in the text display routine for forms, 
before computing the width, and I think a few bugfixes in string 
re-encoding functions).

I'm fairly new here.  What is the preferred method for sending patches?  
Should I attach them to the bug report, or should I send them 
(especially preliminary patches, or other bugfixes that I find) to this 

Finally, I've noticed that Iñigo Martínez is currently working on 
annotation support.  Is there any danger of conflicts, given that the 
display of form fields is part of the annotations code (is the 
annotations work expected to be modifying the code for forms)?

--Michael Vrable

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