[poppler] What about Bug +3307 now?

Tobias Wolf towolf at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 12:36:46 PDT 2009

this is not meant to impatiently prod anybody to fix it already, or
I’m just asking if the head honcho of Poppler, that would be Senor
Astals Cid I guess, can weigh in and say what is to be done about this
bug. If it is a Poppler bug or an Evince bug, or whatever.

I investigated if this has come up on this list in the recent months
again and there was a thread about using Cairo in a Qt4 backend just to
get subpixel rendering / LCD filtering. In that thread Albert said, that
he is not convinced at all that fonts are improved by this. Many people
disagree and in fact Poppler/Evince/Okular is the last area on the
Desktop that cannot use it.

The merit can only be seen by looking at many PDFs at several zoom
levels. Especially small text is much more readable.

But here is one striking example from the bug report:
(top is current state, middle is the goal)

Please give guidance how to proceed.

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