[poppler] poppler + QtEmbedded

Alberto Cerato macros123 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 08:51:01 PDT 2009

Hello guys,
    I am trying to use poppler (version 0.11.1 from git)
with QtEmbedded (4.5.2) on an linux system (Ubuntu 9.04).
I successfully compiled both QtEmbedded and poppler (enabling
Qt4 wrapper during ./config).
The tests and demos of QtEmbedded works well on my linux with
framebuffer enabled.

When I try to use the demo inside poppler/qt4/demos, the app
starts well, but when I load a PDF file no contents are shown
in the view. I also tried to switch from Arthur to Splash backend
using the menu but nothing changes.

Consider also that the metadata (author's name, etc.) are shown
correctly so probably the issue is related to the rendering...

What can be the problem ? Any experience with this configuration

thank you all fro your time,
Alberto Cerato
Skype Name albi_albi_albi

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