[poppler] configure poppler for specific Qt-installation

Christoph Duelli christoph.duelli at gmx.de
Mon Jul 13 23:10:44 PDT 2009

I have tried out poppler (the Qt4 API) and am really impressed. It is really 
easy to use and quite simple to get some pdf pages rendered. So I am looking 
to get my gs-based postscript/pdf viewer extended by a poppler-based pdf-

Just one question/issue:
* is it possible (how?) to 
   ./configure  <add option here>
poppler to use a *specific* Qt4 installation (not necessarily the default Qt4 
that happens to be found in /usr/include/...).
What would be helpful would be an option like --with-qt4=<path to qt4>

Best regards, and keep up the great work

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