[poppler] configure poppler for specific Qt-installation

Christoph Duelli christoph.duelli at gmx.de
Thu Jul 16 03:40:00 PDT 2009

On Tuesday 14 July 2009 08:58:51 you wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 July 2009 16:10:44 Christoph Duelli wrote:
> > * is it possible (how?) to
> >    ./configure  <add option here>
> > poppler to use a *specific* Qt4 installation (not necessarily the default
> > Qt4 that happens to be found in /usr/include/...).
> > What would be helpful would be an option like --with-qt4=<path to qt4>
> The autoconf stuff uses pkgconfig to find Qt libraries, so you just need to
> set an appropriate PKG_CONFIG_PATH to pick up whichever version you want to
> use. Make sure that the moc you want to use is in your PATH too.
Thank you for that hint.
(It was not quite that easy, since we use the configure option -qtlibinfix.
-qtlibinfix Custom results in the Qt libs being named libQtCoreCustom.so etc.
This complicated things quite a bit.)

It turned out that I had to
* include the generated Qt4 .pc files directory in PKG_CONFIG_PATH
* fix those .pc files (the -qtlibinfix option is not respected at all places; 
I filed a bug report with the Trolls.)
* replace QtGui etc in poppler's configure.ac by QtGuiCustom etc (so it 
matches our -qtlibinfix naming; those .pc files are just like the libs named 
QtGuiCustom.pc etc.)

After those fixes a clean rebuild produced indeed a libpoppler-qt.so that 
linked (only!) against our Qt. (Without the fix to Qt's .pc files it linked to 
both our libQtCoreCustom.so and the default libQtCore.so which obviously is 
not good.)

Best regards
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