[poppler] Poppler sibling count bug (patch)

Guillermo Antonio Amaral Bastidas gamaral at amaral.com.mx
Fri Jul 31 18:43:14 PDT 2009

  Hi guys,

  I found what was going nuts with the sibling count in a few documents I
have been debugging for KDAB. 

  * The Problem: Okular never got an inaccurate sibling count on buttons so it
treated them all button widgets as separate button groups, breaking grouped
radio and check-boxes.

  * The Solution: It seems that this affected forms where most fields reside as
  children of a single field and not root.
   In short FormField::fillChildrenSiblingsID() was not propagating
  the fillChildrenSiblingsID call to it's children so it never generated the
  sibling information.

   I noticed a call to loadChildrenDefaults() but since it already gets called
  at the end of construction I'm guessing it's a mistake (tsdgeos any thoughts?)

   This fixes the problem and keeps working forms, well working.

   Please review and commit if it gets a green light.

  ATTACHED: patch
  TESTCASE: http://downloads.guillermoamaral.com/kdab/01_ump_a_2009.pdf

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