[poppler] [PATCH] Fix Splash back-end FT_Load_Glyph flags

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Fri Oct 2 07:10:29 PDT 2009

>>>>> "Benoit" == Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1 at gmail.com> writes:

Benoit> The results are terrible: it is as if FT_LOAD_NO_AUTOHINT has no
Benoit> effect at all. The results that I get are exactly the same as
Benoit> with hinted text, and i'm sure that I haven't enabled the
Benoit> bytecode interpreter so this can't be native hinting (and anyway
Benoit> this is the default TeX font which I'm pretty sure is Type 1,
Benoit> not TrueType) so the only possible conclusion is that
Benoit> FT_LOAD_NO_AUTOHINT has no effect and auto-hinting is still
Benoit> being used.

The Type1/CFF native hinting is unrelated to the GLYF bytecode
interpreter.  You did get native hinting of your t1 fonts, given
your description.

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