[poppler] Understanding the rendering pipeline

Tuom Larsen tuom.larsen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 22:47:22 PDT 2009


I'm trying to read the sources but I'm not sure if I quite follow. Is this
so far correct:
- poppler reads a pdf, gets the number of pages
- pick one page, locate xref, read its page object, retrieve the rest of
objects and xobjects
- if a command is found, binary-search for the right operator function and
call it
- ? (dump()?)
- everything gets rendered to a memory buffer on init or view_set_page() and
bit-blipped to a window on expose event

What I don't get is how and where are the operators rendered to the memory
buffer? How gets a page state transformed to pixels? Is there performed a
binary search for every command in pdf?
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