[poppler] [PATCH] JPEG support for pdftoppm

Stefan Thomas moon at justmoon.net
Thu Oct 8 16:49:04 PDT 2009


> Commited, fixed a small thing (virtual destructor needed) myself.

Woohoo! :)

> Thanks for contributing! Stay around and code something else ;-)

I'm planning to add HTTP streaming support to poppler. Similar to the 
way Adobe Reader does it. We need this functionality for a project, so I 
can't promise my patch will be suitable for mainline poppler. But I'll 
definitely post it and we'll see how hard it would be to get it ready 
for prime time and whether there is even a demand for it.

My basic plan is to create a new class HttpStream, extending BaseStream, 
adding libcurl as an optional dependency and just do partial requests 
whenever a substream is created. That should work, but performance would 
be dreadful. To improve it I would add a cache of some sort and some way 
for higher level functions to request prefetching of larger chunks of 
the file in advance.

If you have any thoughts on the matter or if there have been any 
previous efforts towards this I'd love to hear it!



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