[poppler] Poppler-data 0.3.0 released

Hideki Yamane henrich at debian.or.jp
Mon Sep 28 15:31:01 PDT 2009

Hi Albert,

On Mon, 28 Sep 2009 19:17:07 +0200
Albert Astals Cid <aacid at kde.org> wrote:

 Thanks for your reply.

> Does "year" really matter?

 I thinks "yes", copyright notice is consist of
 1. The symbol ©, or the word “Copyright"
 2. The year of first publication. 
 3. The name of the owner of copyright

 2, "The year" is important because when it is published (they get the right),
 and it would be in public domain (they lose the right).

 IANAL, so I'll ask debian-legal mailing list for that.


 Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/iijmio-mail.jp
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