[poppler] Allow quality & progressive mode to be utilised in JpegWriter

Harry Roberts harry.roberts at midnight-labs.org
Sat Apr 24 06:02:17 PDT 2010

Hi all,

 Attached is a patch which allows quality & progressive mode to be set in
 Another writeImgFile method is added to SplashBitmap which allows a
pre-created ImgWriter to be passed (e.g. a JpegWriter with custom
quality/progressive mode settings), deletion of the ImgWriter is moved into
the writeImgFile method which creates it.
 This is backwards compatible with current applications using JpegWriter or

 I've been using something similar in an application for about a month, but
avoided using SplashBitmap::writeImgFile because I needed to do resampling
and post-processing before hand, with this patch it'll allow me to create
(for example) ResamplingImgWriter to resample it before passing it onto
another ImgWriter, thus avoiding the duplication that I have at the moment
(and generally allowing much more flexibility or new image-output formats
without modifying poppler).

Many Regards,
- Harry Roberts
- Midnight Labs.
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