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Mon Aug 23 11:51:34 PDT 2010

I have found 2 discussion threads regarding Chinese character issues. Hopefully, they will help
you thoroughly solve the problem since the two threads were initiated 2 years ago.



I am very glad that I can find someone able to solve this very problem, so important for our
population. But also sorry for the problem lasting for more than 2 years. Maybe, the causes are
very complicated. Some said installing poppler-data would work, some adviced modifying
"/etc/fonts/conf.d/49-sansserif.conf" to replace "sans-serif" by some Chinese
font file. (Ref:
Some reported success but the problem has bothered me for months. As you can see, I have posted
the problem on launchpad and didn't find any response for almost 2 weeks. That makes me feel
upset. I think that freedom is not for free in many cases.

That reminds me of another painful experience. It is related to my BandLuxe c120 USB HSDPA modem.
It worked in Ubuntu 9.04, but failed in Ubuntu 10.04. It took me several nights' search for
workaround. I even made a call to the company but the engineer suggested firmware upgrade. At
last, I make it out. However, I have spent lots of time, and I am preparing for an important

Anyway, thanks for your help. Early release of the fixed version is highly anticipated.

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