[poppler] Accessibility of PDF documents

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Jun 13 14:32:07 PDT 2010

A Divendres, 11 de juny de 2010, leena chourey va escriure:
> Dear all,
> This is in continuation to our last communication related with
> *Accessibility of Pdf document.* As discussed last time, we have now
> completed the first prototype version of the same and we are making it
> available for your testing and valuable comments/feedback. As mentioned
> last time, we convert the PDF file into HTML format and open the same
> automatically in Firefox.
> Enclosed with this email is the ReadMe file which explains the steps to
> download, install and run this enhancement. Please try out the same and
> give us your valuable feedback.
> We have tested it at our end by different teams and have found that it
> works well in most cases. Some places where we feel work is required are
> as follows:
>    - Sometimes Orca in not able to read header and footer of page
>    - Some character combinations are displayed as garbage like 'ft', 'tt'
>    - Content in table format is spoken by orca but it does not say the row
>    and column reference. Means a user can not find out that orca is reading
>    table content. (as orca does table reading in openoffice writer)
> We are working on these. Waiting to hear more from all.

Quick question, do you have any patches on top of the poppler you use?


> With regards
> Leena C

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