[poppler] Private TextPage destructor

Carlos Garcia Campos carlosgc at gnome.org
Thu Jun 17 00:35:17 PDT 2010

Excerpts from Johnny Mariéthoz's message of jue jun 17 08:31:54 +0200 2010:
> Dear all,
> I try to use swig to create a python wrapper to poppler (not on poppler-glib but on the poppler base classes), and I note that the destructor of TextPage is private.
> As swig do not wrap private/protected methods I have memory leaks. Are they good reasons to make the destructor
> private?

Yes, TextPage has a reference counter, so you should never call delete
on a TextPage instance, but ::decRefCnt(). 

> From TextOutputDev.h
> private:
>   // Destructor.
>   ~TextPage();
> Many thanks in advance.
Carlos Garcia Campos
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