[poppler] compiling on OSX / non standard paths

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Jun 18 10:58:54 PDT 2010

A Divendres, 18 de juny de 2010, Zorg 421 va escriure:
> hello poppler users,
> as a bug impact the jpeg2000 lib of osx, I wanted to give a try to
> poppler based pdf readers.
> but: it seems poppler is mostly used on linux using standard paths,
> fontconfig is tested for presence by autotools, but it's specific
> location doesn't seem to be considered when compiling. at least int
> tests.

Hi, as you said we mostly use linux so you have two options there, send 
patches to fix your problems or send us a Mac Os X computer we can use. I 
understand you probably want to do the first thing ;-)


> regards.
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