[poppler] [PATCH] Arthur backend fixes; poppler-qt4 direct rendering

Matthias Fauconneau matthias.fauconneau at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 09:42:05 PDT 2010

I'm currently using Poppler for a score player application, and since
the synthesizer is already using all my memory and CPU, I wanted to
render the PDF using the GPU.

I wonder why it seems nobody cares about the Arthur backend ?

The first patch contains two easy fixes for Arthur :
- font rendering (transforming the glyph path and not only the glyph origin).
- image rendering (alpha was set to zero).

The second patch expose the QPainter interface directly through a
renderToPainter method which use an existing painter instead of
creating an image.
This allows to directly render the PDF using OpenGL, and since the
painting is fast, there is no need to cache prerendered pages. so it's
using less CPU and less memory.

in case you want to try the QGraphicsView OpenGL PDF renderer:
http://gitorious.org/qt-pdfviewer (only needs Qt and Poppler, the
other deps are optionnal)
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