[poppler] renderToImage() + Text on PDF files

Fabian Schneider fschneider1509 at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 18 10:17:39 PST 2010

Am 17.11.2010 21:54, schrieb Brad Hards:
> On Thursday, November 18, 2010 03:17:24 am Fabian Schneider wrote:
>> I've compiled poppler for Qt from source.
>> I've written an application which is used to view PDF Files.
>> But if I render the page of the PDF-File to a QImage object there is
>> no text on the image. I only can see the pictures in of the page.
>> Is there any possiblity to render the text to the QImage?
> This is what the qt4 demo application (provided with poppler sources) does.
> You might like to refer to that.
> If that application works, and your code doesn't, then you've done something
> wrong. You haven't provided any details, so I guess you're up to debugging
> this yourself.
> If that demo application doesn't work for you, then probably there is
> something wrong in either your Qt4 or poppler builds.
> Brad

Sorry for my short post but yesterday i was very busy.
I takled to the guys in the poppler irc channel
and they told me to use splash backend rather than arthur backend.
i didn't compile the splash backend in my poppler build, so the Qt4 demo 
didn't work either.

But now I'm using the splash backend and everthing is fine.
The QImage is containing the text and the pictures.

But theres another issu i want to mention, to render a vektorgraphic 
would be much better than rendering an


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