[poppler] A few vulnerabilitiess in libpoppler

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Wed Nov 24 11:21:44 PST 2010

A Dimecres, 24 de novembre de 2010, Robert Święcki va escriure:
> > No, you need to get openjpeg as a separate library, i'm sure that when
> > you do the configure step it warns you that you should be using it.
> > 
> > Anyway do all the files in that tar crash for you? Because i tried
> > and works perfectly for me.
> Yup, it still crashes; my setup. I will send updated testcases (with
> newest libopenjpeg compiled-in) shortly.
> newest poppler from git, newest libopenjpeg from svn.
> Linux x86_64 / I use MALLOC_CHECK_=3
> $ gdb ./pdftoppm
> (gdb) set environment MALLOC_CHECK_=3
> (gdb) r "all/SIGSEGV.PC.(nil).CODE.1.ADDR.(nil).INSTR.[NOT_MMAPED].pdf"

Works for me, can anyone else reproduce the crash?


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