[poppler] is it the same bug?

Pablo Rodríguez oinos at web.de
Thu Oct 7 07:27:21 PDT 2010

On 10/04/2010 12:56 AM, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> A Diumenge, 3 d'octubre de 2010, Pablo Rodríguez va escriure:
>> Hi there,
>> I wonder whether
>> http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:C:2010:083:0201:03
>> 28:ES:PDF is rendered too slow because of the same issue at
>> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28053?
> It is not slow here are you sure you are using an uptodate poppler?

Sorry, I use the poppler version provided for my distribution 
(poppler-0.12.4) within evince-2.30.

But I downloaded Ubuntu-10.10, that includes poppler-0.14.3 and evince 
2.32 and when you page through the document (pressing either PgUp or 
PgDown), there is no difference in rendering the document (it takes 
almost a second to display the page).

Searching speed is also as slow with both. Searching for 
"Übersetzungseinheit" in the document, so that it has to search the 
whole document, takes 38 secs both with poppler-0.12.4 and poppler-0.14.3.

Searching for "Übersetzungseinheit" 
is much faster and the document is bigger.

But what I really don't understand is how searching the whole 
takes less than 5 secs, when it contains more text that any of the 
previous PDF documents.

Just in case it helps,


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