[poppler] Seeking development aids: Conversion colorspace -> SplashColorMode

Christian Feuersaenger cfeuersaenger at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 8 14:16:45 PDT 2010

Dear developers,

as part of a patch for shaders (compare the related postings), I need to 
convert a given GfxColor (with well-known GfxColorSpace) to a 

Is there a standard procedure of the form

gfxColorToSplashColor( GfxColorSpace* inputColorSpace, GfxColor* input,  
SplashColorMode outputMode, GuChar* output ) ?

I failed to find one so far, so I intent to write a helper routine which 
does it by means of the GfxColorSpace::getRGB() and its friends and 
switch statements. But if there is already a tested alternative 
solution, I will prefer it.


Best regards


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