[poppler] About the conversion function (PDF=>JPEG) of pdftoppm

suzuki toshiya mpsuzuki at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Thu Dec 8 22:57:52 PST 2011

Dear Katsumura-san,

What you want to know is the coverage difference of the
supported PDFs between poppler 0.16.7 versus the latest
(stable is 0.18.x)?

According to README of the latest poppler in 0.18 branch,
one of the remarkable updates from 0.16 would be the implementation
of the overprint feature. Also some bugfixes for JPEG stream
may change the behaviour of pdftoppm when a problematic PDF
is given.

If you have some sample PDFs that pdftoppm 0.16.7 cannot eat
and you want to know whether the latest poppler can eat or not,
please upload them to somewhere and post the URL. Some people
may check them...


勝村信夫 wrote:
> Hi
> Although the PDF file is changed into the JPEG file using pdftoppm, the case
> which is not convertible in part has come out.
> Then, please let me know about the following point.
> pdftoppm version 0.16.7 How many are there any versions of a convertible PDF file?
> How many are there any versions of a convertible PDF file in the newest pdftoppm?
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